Merrill Law Can Help You With Your Personal Injury Case

We can help you If you have been injured. Our Attorney will speak with you about your Personal Injury case and help you decide on the best course of action to address your losses.

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Some Examples of Personal Injury Cases that Merrill Law handles:

  • Automobile injury accidents
  • Motorcycle injury accidents
  • Dog bite injuries
  • Catastrophic injury accidents
  • Wrongful death

A Personal Injury Case can change your life in many ways.

  • Impair daily physical function.
  • Interfere with your ability to do your job.
  • Doctor and therapy visits change your schedule.
  • May cause difficulties for many years.

Our Personal Injury Attorney will ask you:

  • What happened during the incident?
  • How were you injured?
  • Have you seen a doctor?
  • What type of insurance do you have?
  • Did the person that caused your injury have insurance?

Our Attorneys work to protect your rights.

We will:

  • Request all required documentation from the court, Officers, Insurance Companies, and Doctors.
  • Develop the best strategy for getting the compensation you deserve.
  • Address your case with the involved parties.
  • Notify you of any steps you need to do in the process.
Logan Merrill
Merrill Law experienced Personal Injury Attorney

Commonly Asked Questions

I have heard that Merrill Law can help me with a Personal Injury Case, how does this work?

When you call the office, one of our legal team members will assist you with the process of hiring Merrill Law for representation for your injury case.

You will be connected with the Attorney to discuss your case. 

How much will I have to pay upfront to Merrill Law?

No upfront fees will be paid to Merrill Law.  We will take the case and deal with the insurance companies directly. We won’t get paid until you do.

Should I go to the doctor?

If you are injured, going to the doctor and receiving medical treatment is advisable.

How am I going to pay all my medical bills?

Once retained, you will no longer have to deal with the insurance companies, the Merrill Law team will work diligently to help direct you the best way to handle your medical bills.

How long until I receive money for my Personal Injury Case?

It depends on course of treatment and how long the injuries take to resolve. Every case is unique and thus, has its own timeline.

Who is going to help me with my Personal Injury Case?

Our committed legal team will help you through the entire process. Once retained, Merrill Law will deal with the insurance companies and you will not have to deal with them directly.

How do I hire Merrill Law for my Personal Injury Case ?

Speak to our legal team to set an appointment to speak with an attorney.
The completed Personal Injury client agreement form will need to be completed prior to Merrill Law being able to represent you.

What are the chances that I will get a good settlement for my Case?

Each case is unique and will be addressed on its own individual issues.  We strategically address your case to meet your individual needs and to arrive at the best resolution. While we can’t guarantee how much your case will settle for, rest assured we will work hard to get the best settlement for your case.

Merrill Law will be handling your case through the entire process.  We take each case very seriously and work to address the needs of your case directly. We have experienced attorneys working on your side to guide you through your case from beginning to end.

Why would I choose Merrill Law vs. another Injury Attorney?

Our experience over the last 29 years has established us as one of the most successful Personal Injury law offices in Snohomish County.  
Serving you with integrity and a strong commitment to honesty has always been an important part of the Merrill Law Firm.  
Care and compassion to address your case is paramount in our dedication to helping you.

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