Here Is One Way You Can Make A Difference For Our Local Community…

We are collecting donations for Beck’s Place in Monroe.  

At Beck’s Place they are committed to helping people and pets move forward in life.  Keeping families together is important to Beck’s Place and pets are part of the family. 

The signature program that they offer is a fostering service for those who must leave their pets for medical care, treatment, or other safety reasons.  Melanie , founder of Beck’s Place, mentioned that there are many seniors who will refuse care, so they do not need to leave or lose their pets.

Knowing that when they return, their pet will be waiting to rejoin the family is important to many of these owners and allows them to make the choices needed to improve their lives. 

In addition to the fostering service, they meet needs related to food, supplies, cleaning, hygiene items, sleeping and outdoor supplies, and even clothing for both people and pets.
We are accepting donations for Beck’s Place to be shared with those in our local community who are struggling.

  • Cat and dog food
  • Dog sweaters or coats
  • Hygiene Items
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Sleeping or outdoor supplies
  • or other items noted on their website.

Helping in our local community is something that each one of us can do.