Here’s How You Could Win $1500 for School

We Have a Dream in Mind.

Merrill Law is offering a $1500 scholarship to all levels of college, trade or high school students who are in pursuit of a dream, students who are striving for something more, students trying to find a way to make a difference, students.

When I Grow Up, I want to be…

When listening to students, we hear that phrase said with so much hope, and excitement. We know that they can grow up to be anything they desire to be and it starts with a dream.

Picture the Dream.

Send us your creative digital photo or image that shares your Dream. Perhaps it represents the past, present or the future of your dream.

This digital photo or image will need to have caption that explain:

  • Who… inspired you
  • What… steps are you taking or planning to make it come true
  • When… was this, will it be, or will it make the most difference
  • Why… is your dream important to you
  • How… did you come to this schooling goal

Call it an Inspiration, Call it a Dream.

This Scholarship will be awarded to a college student or high-school senior student.

Award Amount.

The Scholarship is $1,500.00 for one student.

We want to help you catch that Dream.

Instructions for Applicants

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Student enrolled in an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree or graduate level program, trade school or a high school senior.
  2. Must be a Washington State resident.
  3. Complete the student information form, submit a digital photo or image and short caption (200 word limit) sharing the students dream.

Submission Details

  1. Online Application and Agreement Form.
  2. Description of Dream (Limited to 10 words)
  3. Digital Photo or Image that shares your life’s dream.
  4. Caption or short description (Limited to 200 words).

The 2023 Applications are Closed

The winner will be announced after September 15th 2023 on, Facebook, Twitter and Google.

You can connect with Merrill Law

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Photo by Logan Isbell on Unsplash