2021 Educators of the Month Winners

2021 Educator of the Month Winners

Rick Merrill presents the Educator of the Month award to outstanding educators in Snohomish County.  The recipient receives a plaque and $500 to help defray miscellaneous expenses for the classroom.

The Law Offices of Rick H. Merrill has been a part of the Snohomish County community since 1994.  It is important to Rick to support our neighbors, local businesses and schools.  Rick partnered up with local radio station KXA 1520 am to sponsor a local educator each month.  Rick Merrill is recognizing our educators for their hard work and sacrifices. Who demonstrate their care and commitment to each generation of children.  

Winners are presented a plaque donated by Awards Service, Inc., a great big check to display, and $500 to help defray miscellaneous costs for the classroom.

Congratulations to our 2021 January Educator of the Month, Scott Holland of Park Place Middle School in the Monroe School District

He is an amazing science and math teacher he makes the classes fun. He volunteered to help me when I was struggling with math.

Nominated by  Maddie H.

Congratulations to our 2021 February Educator of the Month, Scott Flanders of Lake Stevens High School.

Nominated by  Aurora M.

Mr. Flanders is an Amazing teacher, who engages students. Excellent math teacher who goes above and beyond to teach kids who struggle. Mr. Flanders is also a teacher many feel safe talking with. Many students have taken the opportunity to talk with Mr. Flanders and his door is always open to talk with, eat lunch with or get some extra help.

I have never known a teacher who goes so above and beyond for his students. Mr. Flanders is also very active in the food drive within the school, helping students collect as much as possible in a variety of ways. He takes the opportunity to truly get to know each and every student and their learning style early in the semester so he can best cater his teaching style for all in his classes, Mr. Flanders is truly a teacher that goes above and beyond.

Congratulations To Our 2021 March Educator Of The Month, Sara Coiley of the Everett High School.

Words cannot describe the impact Sara Coiley has had on my life (both academic and personal).

When I was a student in high school I was quite shy and very nervous. Sara took the time out of her day to connect with me and to give me the confidence to pursue theatre. If it wasn’t for Sara, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

She pulls resources together like nobody’s business and works with a club budget that isn’t nearly large enough for the program. Her time at Everett High has brought more students, diversity, and love into the arts and drama department at the school.

About the Everett High School Drama Club: The Theatre Program has over 100 students who partake in Theatre and Technical Theatre classes, and includes almost 100 students who participate in extra-curricular plays, improv and musicals each season. Our curriculum courses offered are Beginning Drama, Intermediate/Advanced Drama, Technical Theatre I, II & III. All drama courses are semester long and students receive 0.5 fine arts credit; our technical theatre I course is a full year course in which our students receive a 1.0 fine arts and 1.0 CTE credit; technical theatre II & III are both semester courses and students receive 0.5 fine arts and 0.5 CTE credit. Our extracurricular program provides opportunity for students to earn varsity letter and points toward induction into the International Theatre Society – an honor society for the performing arts.

Nominated by  Lukas P.

Congratulations To Our 2021 April Educator Of The Month, Jon Murray of the Arlington High School.

Jon is outstanding in all that he does! He is an incredible science teacher and a phenomenal track country coach. Jon is easily one of the most positive, encouraging, lead by example people I have ever met. I just hope all 3 of my boys get the opportunity to have him as a teacher or coach!!!

Nominated by  Cole Y.

Congratulations To Our 2021 May Educator Of The Month, Kristie Rickert Of The Heatherwood Middle School.

My son has struggled with math during his grade school days and never got a grade higher than a B minus. He went to middle school and was very scared about his math.

His math teacher, Miss Rickert has offered after school tutoring for him twice a week and sends weekly emails to me regarding his progress. Under Miss Rickert, my son is now getting a 3.7 (A) grade, largely due to her assistance after school and inspiration. My son’s overall confidence has improved tremendously.

Nominated by John N.

Congratulations To Our 2021 June Educator Of The Month, Bill Kusler Of Skyline Elementary School.

Nominated by Scott M.

Bill teaches Music and Fitness to many Skyline Elementary Students. My oldest grandson Asher is in Kindergarten and loves Mr. Kuslers’s excellent on line, remote teaching lessons.
I have a few video clips of Asher doing Mr. Kuslers fitness. They are indeed adorable but go way beyond that, demonstrating the sincere, kind, dedicated and loving Teacher that Mr. Kusler is.

Dear Mr. Merrill and Staff,

I was able to purchase a very nice autoharp (picture attached) with the Educator of the Month grant money. Thank you again for your kindness.


🙂 Bill Kusler

Congratulations To Our 2021 September Educator Of The Month, Merriah Sample of the Forrest View Elementary School.

Nominated by Scott H.

Mrs. Sample is a school counselor at Forest View Elementary. She does such an amazing job of understanding and helping the students there.

When our son was at Forest View, Ms. Sample helped him to improve his social skills, behavior, and organization. She is always positive in her interactions with students and parents. She has had a huge positive impact on the lives of so many students!

October Educator of the Month Catherine McMaster
Congratulations October Educator of the Month Catherine McMaster. Thank you for your dedication to the students of Little Cedars Elementary.

Congratulations to 2021 October Educator Of The Month, Catherine McMaster of Little Cedars Elementary School.

My mom, she spends COUNTLESS after hours readying her classes, and goes above and beyond to aid to each child’s individual needs. Even when she was doing Special Ed kindergarten. She is one of the strongest and most supportive people I know and has made a great impact on people in the community. In fact this last summer on her birthday a Special Ed student she had heard back, unannounced, stopped by our house with our entire family there to drop off a card of how much her support changed her life.

Nominated by Trace M.

November Educator of the Month Kim Anderson 2021
November Educator of the Month Kim Anderson 2021

Congratulations to 2021 November Educator Of The Month, Kim Anderson of Arlington Christian School.

When COVID-19 hit and the public schools all went online my daughter who is in 5th grade could not keep up. Having a learning disability and trying to do online education was not working. We are so fortunate to have found Arlington Christian School. Mrs. Anderson has helped my daughter’s confidence tremendously. She is now even reading out loud in class. She loves school so much now.

Nominated by Renae H.

December Educator of the Month Lanna Duncan 2021

Congratulations to 2021 December Educator Of The Month, Lanna Duncan of Totem Falls Elementary.

Lanna Duncan is quite frankly the best thing that has happened to our school during the 9 years I have been employed at Totem Falls Elementary. Lanna came to us beginning in the 2018-19 school year as the first full time counselor we have been able to have. The energy, and fun demeanor is something that we desperately needed! The non-stop energy she has is amazing…and just before the school year she had a baby…she had every excuse in the world to be dragging daily…not her! Since joining our school she has joined me in being an advisor for our student counsel, a lead in our assembly creation team, and her many small groups she meets with daily/weekly to enrich the lives of students who need that extra bit of love. Since we have been in this online/distance learning model she not only checks in with her students that are on her own case load, but will check in with every single staff member to see how they are doing and if there is anything else that she can do to help them…all while going above and beyond doing her own job. She’s quite frankly amazing and I feel so blessed to not just call her a co-worker but a great friend as well. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this honor.

Nominated by Jeremy C.

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