To Pay Your Medical Bills

Pay Your Medical Bills

To Pay Your Medical Bills

A lot of people think that somebody ran into my car, I got injured, so that person’s insurance company is going to pay for all of my medical bills, and it is going to be fine. My insurance company is not necessarily involved. And that is not really the case.

Personal Injury Protection

Most of the time they have Personal Injury Protection. Someone hits my car, I have auto insurance, I have Personal Injury Protection, most people have it, through their auto insurance. That Personal Injury Protection is going to pay your medical bills until this settlement is reached from the at fault insurance company. The at-fault insurance company is not going to pay your medical bills, yet.

The Settlement

The settlement that we send out, we will send them the demand saying, these are all the damages that my client suffered. Give us this much money.

The at fault insurance company is going to settle. We will agree on a settlement, we will negotiate, whatever the settlement is. The money that your insurance company paid for your medical bills is going to get reimbursed, at a reduction. So most of the time they will reduce one third, so if they pay out $10,000, we only have to pay back $6,666. The rest of that money goes to you.

The Settlement Includes Money To Pay Your Medical Bills

So a lot of people think that the at-fault insurance is going to pay for everything. That is not necessarily the case, usually they are not going to pay until the settlement is reached. But the settlement is going to include all of your medical bills to reimburse whoever has paid for it at that time. Whether it be your auto insurance, or sometimes your health insurance will pay for your medical bills with the intention that they are going to get reimbursed at the settlement.

A lot of people say well this person injured me, so they are going to pay for everything right now, but that is just not really how life works. That is not the system that we have, but that is why you hire us.

We are going to take care of that for you. We are going to help you out and get you the settlement that you deserve.

I am Logan Merrill and I do Personal Injury Law at Merrill Law in Everett, WA.

There are many ways an experienced attorney can fight for the settlement that you deserve.

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