5 Star Testimonials For Merrill Law

The ABSOLUTE Best Value for Legal Service I have seen in 41 years of hiring legal help. I mean it. What was promised, was delivered. I am so impressed I plan on making sure all my friends and employees know to call Rick when they need help with their issues. Thanks Again, Dan

I had a bad stretch of 5 speeding tickets over the past 2 years (in a Prius!). Mostly I was able to contest them and get them converted to non-moving violations for varying amounts of “extra penalties” (and was promised each time that they wouldn’t show up on my record as moving violations), but the last time I got one the DA working the court that day said that since I had previous speeding tickets that they wouldn’t convert to moving anymore, so so much for that promise. I had to eat that one.

Unfortunately I got another speeding ticket a few months ago and – having seen him working the *last* time I was in court – called Rick’s office. I’d never hired an attorney to contest a ticket before, and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was (and convenient – I didn’t have to appear in court). I was even *more* surprised that Rick was able to get the ticket dismissed! Impressive.

I hope I don’t need to call him again (I know – slow down!), but I would in a heartbeat.

We have a teen driver that got her first Speeding ticket. We put it in the hands of the great Rick Merrill and he was able to work his magic. He has saved us from expensive insurance increases. This is only the latest and greatest save by Rick Merrill for our family. Many thanks to Rick and his staff for their services.

Several of my motorcycle riding friends, including my husband, recommended Rick Merrill (when in peril). Needless to say my first speeding ticket whilst riding my motorcycle was dismissed…it was really almost too easy…not complaining!! Thanks for keeping my record clean 🙂 Paula

Rick, you are awesome! I highly recommend Rick’s services to anyone. He is professional and gets the job done! Rick and his staff really care about you and the outcome you’re after. They have handled many matters for me and while not always the outcome you want they are by far heads above anyone else I have ever used. Please use Rick and his staff and you will be glad you did. Keep up the great work guys, and many thanks again!!

I’ve used a few different traffic attorneys in the past. I was referred to Rick by a close friend. Rick has a very streamlined system to where very little is required of myself. I was fortunate enough to have my ticket dismissed, making the investment all the more greater for myself. I will recommend Rick to my friends for their future traffic litigations. Thanks for the quick resolve Rick. Rich

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