Personal Injury Auto Accidents

Personal Injury Accidents

While listening to the traffic report during my morning commute I am amazed how often an accident happens. I wonder how my family would fare if I was injured in an accident.


According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration general statistics for motor vehicle collisions.  In 2015, there were 6.3 million police reported accidents, in which 2.44 million people were injured.  This makes the average number of people injured per day 7,073.

What are the odds?

Stop and think about that for a moment – every day of the year over 7,000 people a day are getting injured in almost 17,000 accidents.  There are over 250 million cars on the roads making the chances of you being in an accident are 0.0068% – the question you have to ask yourself is – do you feel lucky?

The reality is that you may drive to the office every week of your working career and never be in an accident, but if you are – here are a few things you must ensure you do to protect yourself and your family.

Understanding Liability and Personal Injury Protection Insurance

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, be sure that you get the insurance information for all the parties involved in the accident.  

The insurance company of the at fault persons insurance will cover the damages to your car and also your medical bills if you are injured.  

Personal injury protection is an additional insurance that can be purchased with your liability insurance coverage.  It is an extension of your liability insurance and may be used to help cover medical expenses, and sometimes lost wages and other damages.

There are many ways an experienced attorney can fight for the settlement that you deserve.

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