PI Dog Bite Settlements

Dog Bite Settlements

Ever since we were kids, many of us can remember a dog that was a big part of our lives. It may have been a loved family pet, or maybe it was your best friend’s dog that you would play with when you went to their house after school. It seems that as the summer months wind down, you can’t take a walk around your neighborhood or go for a picnic in the park without seeing someone walking with their dog, hopefully on a leash, but that’s another blog. But even with all the good experiences with dogs we’ve had in our lives, all it takes is one bad experience to change your life.  

Anyone from young kids to the elderly can be victims of a dog bite and the unfortunate reality of this is that, in an instant, it changes your life forever.  The short-term physical effects may have the potential for high medical bills. We realize there is so much more that happens to you when you are a victim of a dog bite. You will never look at dogs the same way again. Being anxious and on edge every time you see a dog. Even seeing a cute playful puppy in the park can give you flashbacks. Living your normal life again can be next to impossible. 

Sometimes there’s nothing we can do to avoid falling victim, but there are certain things we can keep in mind that will help us if we ever get in this unfortunate situation. 

  1. Get the medical help you need. This seems obvious, but there can be so much going through our mind in this time of panic that we may not think our injuries are as bad as they are. The dog could be carrying a disease, especially if it is a dog you don’t know. The best thing to do is to go to the doctor immediately and get the medical help you need for your injuries. 
  2. Get the dog owner’s insurance information. Dog’s and dog bites are likely covered by the owner’s homeowner’s insurance and this is the information you want to get so that you can make a claim to get compensated for any damages that you might suffer, including medical bills, wage loss, pain and suffering, etc. If you can’t get their insurance information, get the owner’s contact information. Having a way to get in touch with the dog owner will save you lots of headaches down the road when it comes to making a claim for your injuries.  
  3. Call a local attorney. After getting treatment for your injuries, calling an attorney who has experience representing victims of dog bites is the most important thing you can do. Even if you’re unsure about what your next steps are, a short phone call with an experienced attorney can give you the guidance you need to move forward and get the legal representation you need. 

At Merrill Law, we will be by your side every step of the way. From getting your medical bills paid by the right people, to recovering and getting you the settlement you deserve. We know how stressful this process can be, but you don’t have to go through this alone. We will be there for you.

There are many ways an experienced attorney can fight for the settlement that you deserve.

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