Possible Infraction Outcomes

Possible Outcomes

There are many different outcomes that are possible for an infraction. Each one has different effects on your driving abstract or record. Some will appear in your abstract and some will not. Some may raise your insurance rates, because insurance plans are different the only way to truly know if your insurance rates are going to increase would be to talk with your car insurance agent.

We will discuss some of the main categories of these possible outcomes.


Our first goal to protect your driving record would be an outright Dismissal without cost to you.

This case will appear in the court dockets as having occurred, but the outcome is listed as dismissed. Thereby protecting your driving abstract or record.


This is when the Judge has ruled, despite all arguments, that the charges on your ticket are valid and is not willing to remove or amend the infraction in any way to protect the record.


Having a ticket amended means that although the Judge was unwilling to dismiss the ticket, they were agreeable to amend the infraction in a way to help reduce insurance consequences. With a procedural change of this manner the Judge will assess a court fee in relation to the new charge.

Deferred Finding

According to Washington State Legislature RCW 46.63.070 the court may grant deferred findings for a traffic infraction. However, the court also has the option of placing stipulations or conditions on that deferred finding and may assess additional court costs for administrative processing.

If at the end of the deferral period, you have met all of the conditions that the court has imposed, then the court may dismiss the infraction.

You are only allowed to use the deferral option one time within a seven year period for traffic infractions for moving violations.

Commercial Drivers License (CDL) operators are not eligible for a deferral.

Confirmed Outcome

We will notify you when we have confirmed that your outcome has been recorded correctly in your court docket.

There are many ways an experienced traffic attorney can fight your ticket for you.

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