Ticket Mistakes and Myths

Ticket Mistakes and Myths

Ticket Mistakes happen. It is important to remember that  each citation is unique. Each ticket is addressed  in a manner that takes into account the appropriate City and County laws along with court rules and case law to determine the final outcome of the ticket.

Incorrect Information on the Ticket

It is a common misconception, that an error on the ticket will lead to an automatic dismissal of the ticket.  

Mistakes might include the incorrect make or model of the car, color of the vehicle, or the incorrect plate number being written on the ticket.

The court would usually not consider these mistakes as valid arguments for dismissal.

The judge may still decide that the citation was committed and the infraction would go on your driving record.

Some Myths to Avoid

Going with the flow of traffic and exceeding the posted speed limit, is still considered speeding.

In Washington State, the officer is not required to show you radar/lidar gun result.

There are many ways an experienced traffic attorney can fight your ticket for you.

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