Moving and Non Moving Violations

Moving Violations

There are many different moving violations that can affect your driving record. Moving Violations affect your record and can cause your insurance rates to go up. We will discuss a few at this time.

Personal Electronic Device

In June of 2017 the Washington State laws changed to make using your Personal Electronic Device a moving violation. For a first offense the fee is $136 and a a second offense will be $234.

Officers may pull you over if they see you holding your device in your hand while on the roadways, even if you are stopped at a traffic light.

A driver may use a personal electronic device if using it in a hands free manner. You may only start a function with a single touch or swipe if you are not holding your device.


Speed limits are important to help with overall traffic safety and having an enforced speed limit reduces traffic collisions and fatalities.

There are multiple ways a driver could be caught for speeding. These include Radar, Lidar, Aircraft Patrol, Pacing your vehicle. In each instance documentation will be filed regarding the infraction, this is commonly referred to as the police report.

Accident tickets

Not all accidents result in an issuance of a traffic ticket.  Some common citations issued due to an accident include: speed too fast for conditions, improper lane change, failure to yield, failure to stop, following too close and negligent driving.

If a citation is issued regarding the accident it would appear in the infractions section of the motor vehicle record.

In Washington the report of an accident will appear on your driving record in the Accident Section.

Once hired, we would go to court for you and help fight the traffic ticket in court and try to keep the citation off of the infraction section of your driving record.  

Non Moving Violations

Non moving violations may be reported to the Department of Licensing. These may be visible to your insurance company, however would have less consequences to your record than a moving violation. These can include some of the items listed below.

Seat belt Violations

A seat belt violation may be visible on your driving record however it will not be visible for insurance companies to view. All occupants of a vehicle must wear appropriate restraints. Children are to be in approved child restraints as noted in the Rules of the Road.

Parking tickets

Parking tickets are assigned to the vehicle or the vehicle’s registered owner. Parking tickets do not affect your driving record, because you are not usually present when the the ticket is issued.

Camera tickets

Camera tickets or photo enforced tickets are issued to the registered owner of a vehicle that was caught on a camera committing an infraction.

These infractions do not go on your driving record. However if you do not address them in a timely manner they can cause you to not be able to renew your registration.

Our goal when we represent you is to protect your driving record. Since the red light camera tickets do not appear on your driving record, our advice would be to pay the fine or go to court and get the fine reduced.. 

How Can You Tell If it is Moving and Non Moving?

There is a list of moving violations and non moving violations on the Washington Administrative Code, also known as the WAC.

WAC 308.104.160 has this list.

This list is not exhaustive and some non moving violations can affect your record.

There are many ways an experienced traffic attorney can fight your ticket for you.

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