A Positive Experience

A Positive Experience To Join the Family Business

Reece Merrill talks about the positive experience of joining the family business.

It has been a pretty positive experience, to come in to the firm and work with my Dad.

I did not really know what I wanted to do when I was in High School, for the first couple of years of High School. Then when I was 15 or 16, I made this plan that I would go to College and Law School. That I would work in the family business. 

I think that this would be a difficult job to learn if you did not have somebody helping you along the way. Now it has been quite a few years, I feel pretty comfortable with it. Even still, it is nice just to be able to walk down the hall, and ask for advice. 

If I have a Question.

Most of the time, I will read it and say or I will see an issue and I will make sure, I will walk in and say, I don’t think this is a legally valid stop, or I don’t see that there is probable cause in this situation, or something like that.  And it is good to get a second set of eyes to actually look. Especially a significantly more experienced second set of eyes on it. 

Helping People.

I would say that the upside of being an attorney is working with different people. Helping people with their situations that they probably need some help through.

It is hard to look at the law and the court rules and to be able to apply it, without understanding the case law and how each court operates. It is good to have somebody on your side to defend you who knows the rules.

And that is really what I like to do, I like to help people in this situation and advise them of the best course of action for them to take.

I do primarily, Criminal Defense, any speeding ticket, any DUI, reckless driving, assault cases, Any time anyone is charged with a crime, I will help them.

We want working with us to continue to be a positive experience for our clients in the Future.

There are many ways an experienced attorney can help you.

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