Logan Merrill Getting Started

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Logan Merrill Getting Started

Logan Merrill Getting Started. I graduated from College, here, I went to Central Washington University, Ellensburg. I was going to Law School, and I figured, it was time for an adventure.

I have never lived outside of Washington before. So I thought it might be fun to live somewhere else for 3 years. So I was looking out of State, I was not trying to go to school in Washington. I thought about going South. And I applied to some schools in the South, in South Carolina and North Carolina. I don’t know but, Rogers Williams is a great school in Rhode Island. It was a good fit, so that is where I ended up. I just settled on that one, it just seemed right to me. You know it was 3000 miles away, and I figured, why not.

So I lived out there, I went to law school there for three years. By the time 3 years was up, I was ready to come home. You know I lived in Washington my whole life, up until that point. I missed the west coast, I missed Washington, Washington is my home. So it was nice to come back and see everybody and live with my family and be close to people again.

Actually I moved back here for the pandemic.

When the pandemic hit, I moved back here and finished online. I graduated May of 2020.

Starting in the Family Business

My Brother and my Dad were working here for a few years. My Dad has been working here forever, and my Brother, Reece started and has been working here about 4 or 5 years. They had a spot open for me, you know. You are in law school and if you want to come work with us that is great. We can ad more of the family to the business. Which is great for me. I know a lot of people in law school are still worried about jobs. Like, oh, how am I going to find a job. It is so hard to find.

But it was kind of nice to have family back home. With me, that I was able to come home and join the Family business. Especially with my Dad and my Brother, so experienced in the area and in the community, that it is nice to kind of come back and join the practice. They do Criminal Defense and mostly speeding tickets and things like that. My Dad also had a little bit of a Personal Injury business going at the time.

Fitting in

I have been here for a little over a year now. I fit in pretty well, we have a paralegal here, Dorian, who I work very closely with. We work together all the time. She is teaching me the ropes. It is nice to have two of us down here working on the Personal Injury side, growing that business for the firm.

I am Logan Merrill and I do Personal Injury Law at Merrill Law.

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