Changing to Merrill Law

Changing to Merrill Law

We are changing to Merrill Law.

Even though Rick is planning his retirement, we will still be here at Merrill Law to continue to help you. 

“But now you know, we’re changing over to Merrill Law. I think that’ll be fine but it’s definitely a challenge. There’s no question about that because it’s, you know, it’s in my name all this time.  Had I thought, back you know when I first started I would have obviously changed the name of the firm. 

Reece and Logan

Reece has been with me quite a while now, five years or five plus years I think. So he’s got his own following in the community. A lot of people know him and he’s got a good reputation. So I think that will help. I think Reece is pretty comfortable talking in front of people and Logan that’s kind of not his thing. So in Criminal Law there’s a lot of in court. You know we talk in front of people every day and I think Reece kind of likes that. I don’t think Logan does. Logan is really good with people one-on-one and you know is a very nurturing person. Reece is too, but different personalities. I think Reece is fine talking in front of people I don’t think Logan really is. So I think it’s a good niche for both of them. 

I don’t think there’ll be a lot of crossover. I don’t know, who knows, time will tell. You know, I think that the boys are going to have to kind of carve it out for themselves. My wife is kind of helping me with that. You know I have things, I think this is what we should do, which we should do.  And she’s, you know she’s helping me with, “You know it’s kind of going to be their business. They’ve kind of got to carve out what they’re going to do.”  You know, I carved out what I did. Now it’s kind of going to have to be them, It’s not going to be me so and then. it’s a little bit hard but I understand that. They’ve kind of got to do what they’re going to do.  

Now when I started, I just, I quit my job and put an ad in the local yellow pages and hoped my phone would ring. You know and I had three kids at the time. and you know I was married and had three kids. So looking back it was probably a stupid decision, but you know you just gotta have faith. And we just poured forward and now we are where we are. 

So you know my oldest boy, he went to the University of Washington Business School and got out, the economy was so bad that he couldn’t find a job. So he thought oh let’s go to law school. I have some time, So he did and then Reece kind of did too and then Logan after him so. It was never really planned but when Reece got out of law school he came to work for me kind of part time and he just kind of stayed and then Logan just kind of joined.  But it really just kind of happened. But no, I never really thought about it before. I’ll tell you the truth. I mean, it does feel good now that I can, you know kind of leave them with something.

And you know my father, my father completed the seventh grade, worked labor jobs his whole life. Um so he you know helped me get through college and all that so it’s a completely different feel for us really.”

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