Enjoy Working With People

Enjoy working with people.

I enjoy working with people.

I enjoy working with people. You know, the clients, it is great to get to know the clients. You become friends with them, because I am working closely with them. 

I am in contact with them all the time, I am sending them emails, I am calling them. Hey, how’s your treatment going? How is your recovery? I am involved in their life for three years at a time. And if it goes to court, even longer. 

When I can work with a client, and get to know them. Really, you know, you make friends. You make these relationships and you are helping out a person the whole time. To get them a settlement that they are happy with. 

I enjoy working with people to settle their case.

 It is stressful up until that point.  And there are certain points, just like in life, there are certain things that are very stressful, But then you work past them. 

It is great to get to know the clients and help them get the settlement that they are happy with. That is what I enjoy most about it.

I am Logan Merrill and I do Personal Injury Law at Merrill Law.

Our Attorneys Work To Protect Your Rights.

We will:

  • Request all required documentation from the Court, Officers, Insurance Companies, Doctors.
  • Develop the best strategy for your injury case.
  • Address your case with the involved parties.
  • Notify you of any steps you need to do in the process.

There are many ways an experienced attorney can help you.

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