Dogs on the Job

Dogs on the Job

Dogs are on the job in the Courthouse providing support and encouragement. Their presence is giving some people the confidence to tell their story, and face the difficult, and daunting task of recounting a traumatic experience. 

Canines for More Than Cops

We have seen many kinds of service dogs in our world giving back to the community.  The concept of Courthouse Dogs was pioneered in 2003 right here in Washington State.  A King County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney working in Seattle came up with this tool for the Courthouse as the result of a trip to Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) with her son. 

Raise Your Right Paw

In December of 2004, Deputy Prosecutor Page Ulrey entered training with “Ellie”.  They went through an extensive training program before graduating and returning home to King County to become what is believed to be the first official Courthouse dog.  

Working Like a Dog

Courthouse dogs are in the business of providing emotional support with a soft look, a listening ear, an understanding wag, and comforting snuggle when needed.   They work several days a week assisting with witness statements and calming others in the high stress environment of the courtroom.

Speaking in public is difficult.

When in the courtroom there is the added stress of recounting the truth of possibly one your hardest days. Having a dog with you is like having an old friend there to help making it easier to talk, to remember, and to experience less anxiety.

Going to the Dogs

While it may seem surprising to see a courtroom going to the dogs, the results seem to be in the dogs favor.  They are a positive influence in allowing the truth to be heard so that justice may be upheld.

Atta Dog

We want to thank local members of this community who raise and train puppies to prepare them for many different acts of service.  Thank you to the trainers who work tirelessly to perfect these dogs specialized skills. Thank you to the partners who know and love these dogs best and put their services to work. Thank you to the Courts for Going to the Dogs! 

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