Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day

A salute for that special Mother who has looked after us and touched our lives for the better.

Bringing joy to a birthday, playing in the sun with us as a child, baking cookies, cheering in the stands, staying awake with us through the night while we battle a nasty illness, showering us with butterfly kisses and band aids.

Sharing our laughter, and tears along with bits of wisdom and humor.

Mom “isms”…

Those strange sayings, that pop out of my mouth and give people just a moment of surprise and usually a smile.

So to all of you dedicated Mothers, and to their children…of any age…


Here’s to all the amazing Mothers

Avid supporters of their family

Patient and Persistent in their dedication

Praise upon their lips

Yet attentive when the need for direction must be given


Making magnificent memories 

Overseeing our accomplishments with joy

Touching our hearts in so many ways

Helping us through the difficult times in life

Encouraging us to pursue our dreams and aspirations

Reaching toward our goals

Sharing in a selfless manner


Determined to provide stability and guidance

Always loving, hoping, and caring

Yearning to see their children reflect Love, Life, Learning

Thank you for all you do, for all you are!

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