Corona Concerns

In this together.

We know how easy it is to be overwhelmed with all of the concerns surrounding Covid 19, including court dates that keep changing.

There is a light in all of this. We will get through it all. Perhaps, one step at a time, but let us put your mind at ease where we can.

Your case is important to us.

You can rest assured our office is focused on staying up to date on the case that you hired us to look after.

We are actively checking for additional court changes, filing required documents with the court, speaking to the court and the prosecutor about developing changes.

What is important about that?

This means that you can focus on your health and family in this time.

We are here for you.

If you have questions, or need help with a Traffic Ticket, DUI, Criminal Defense or Auto Accident Personal injury.

Contact us now to ask additional questions or to hire an experienced attorney who has deep connections with the local legal system.

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