Corona Virus-Responsibilities, Court Closures and More

Court Closures

Important things to be aware of during the Corona Virus Pandemic in regards to Traffic Tickets, DUI, Criminal Defense.

Although many of the Washington Courts are closed to the public, there are many things that are still happening.

  • Be sure to address your tickets in a timely manner, 15 Days to send it in.
  • Check if you have a scheduled court hearing, if you still need to address it.
  • We have been following the court closures and making the adjustments that are required for the cases that are in our care.
  • We will continue to address these issues as needed.

If you have a case that requires you to attend the hearing

You can check in on the Washington Court System for updates or call the office during business hours.

Visits To The Office

We are still open for business, but are asking that you use hand sanitizer when you enter the office.

If you are sick, please call first, so that we can make arrangements to protect those employees who are at risk.

We will do our best to address each situation in the best way possible.

Contact us now to ask additional questions or to hire an experienced attorney who has deep connections with the local legal system.

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