Why Hire An Attorney

Reece Merrill Talks About Why You Should Hire An Attorney

Why Hire An Attorney

Reece Merrill talks about the differences in the courts and why hire an attorney to help you with a traffic ticket or criminal case.

Well, it is important to hire an attorney who can help you with a ticket. You do not want it going on your insurance. You do not want it raising your rates. especially if you drive for a living. If you have a commercial drivers license or something like that, it could jeopardize your career.

The Law

It would be better if the law were self-explanatory, and you would not need somebody that understood the court rules and understood the RCW and all of that. And how they interact with each other. But the reality is that it is not that way. It is a little more complex than it would seem on its face. I think a lot of times that people do not understand that an infraction is separate from a crime. So the rules of criminal evidence don’t actually apply to an infraction. An infraction is a civil matter.

Civil or Criminal

It is important to separate Civil Law from Criminal Law. And not act as though an infraction case is being handled the same way as a criminal case would be handled. For example, you do not have a right to an attorney provided by the state for a civil hearing, as you would for a criminal case.

Available Information

I think part of it is that if there is all the information, that there is access to everybody, right there in their pocket all the time, It seems like we should be able to figure anything out. But that does not mean that I am giving myself surgery, or treating my own broken arm. I still go to a doctor, even though I could probably Google it and watch YouTube Videos on how to put a cast on. But it is not going to show you the individual circumstances.

Unique Circumstances

People won’t have the knowledge of how an individual court operates. They are not uniform across the board. The jurisdictional difference is very important to every case. It is important to have a handle on what jurisdictions care about which elements of the law. And which ones really work the best in specific jurisdictions. They are not uniform across the board.

What works in one does not necessarily work in another one. And they each have their own individual rules and procedures for how they file things and how they process things. It is important to know that the city courts are not necessarily going to handle something the same way that the county court will, the city attorney is not going to handle something the same way the county attorney will handle something. And by that I mean the city attorney represents the city and the county attorney represents the state.

Why Hire an Attorney

You know I have been in court a lot and I have sat in court and I have watched other people do it for a long time. I take notes and I keep mental track of what works and what doesn’t work with specific people. What works with one person is not going to be the same as what works with a different person. Every Human is going to have a different reading or interpretation of the Law and the Rules.

There are many ways an experienced attorney can help you.

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