Positive Covid Changes

Reece Merrill talks about the Positive Covid Changes


Positive Covid Changes-Virtual Negotiations

Reece Merrill talking about the positive Covid changes. At first it made things a lot more difficult, because it used to be a lot more talking in person with the State’s attorney and the City attorney. Figuring out, you know, their thoughts on the case. What their ideal scenario for the case is, and what yours is, and negotiating back and forth. It was a lot more hands on, face to face contact. Covid has obviously changed that.

Positive Covid Changes-Virtual Court

Now almost all the courts are on Zoom, so there is a lot more talking on the phone and a lot more emailing back and forth about cases. At first it was a little bit difficult of a transition, but now everyone is fairly used to it. 

Positive Covid Changes more Interactions with Clients

If you come in the office, without an appointment, you can probably talk to an attorney in the office either me, Logan or Rick. It has been a lot nicer to have more interaction face to face with clients. To have them come into the office for hearings on Zoom and things like that. So that part has been really beneficial to the practice and interacting with our clients.

Positive Covid Changes-Streamlined Court

I think the Court is probably going to realize that there are things they can do more efficiently and there are things, like zoom calendars that will probably be here to stay forever. That is at least my hope. It saves me a lot of time driving to court.

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