Understanding a DUI Stop

Understanding A DUI Stop

You have been out for some fun, enjoying a few alcoholic beverages. You grab your keys, hop into the driver’s seat and get on the road.  

Soon you notice the red and blue lights flashing in your rear view mirror. Now you realize that you could be charged with a DUI.

If you have committed a traffic infraction, an officer will pull you over.  

The officer will notice if there is an odor of alcohol or drugs from the car. He will look to see if your eyes are glassy or bloodshot. He will observe if your speech is slurred and your mannerisms seem to be impaired.  

The Field Sobriety Test

With a reasonable suspicion of drunk driving, the officer will ask you to step out of the car and complete a field sobriety test.

A field sobriety test is a series of 3 tests that will be administered by an officer to determine the impairment of the driver and establish probable cause for arrest.  

Test one is the horizontal gaze nystagmus test  

The officer will watch the driver’s eyes, as the driver follows a slowly moving object. This is usually done with a writing utensil or a small flashlight.  

Test two is the walk and turn test.  

This requires the driver to listen, follow instructions, while performing the simple physical movements.  The driver will be asked to take nine steps, heel-to-toe along a straight line, and then turn on one foot and return to the starting position walking along the same straight line heel-to-toe.  

Test three is the one-leg stand test.  

The driver will be asked to stand with one foot approximately six inches off of the ground and then will be directed to count aloud by thousands until the officer directs the driver to place the foot down.  

The officer will be looking for indicators of impairment, which include swaying while balancing, use of the arms for balance, hopping to help maintain balance, and placing the foot down for balance.

Breath Test

The officer may also ask you to take a portable breath test to measure your blood alcohol content.

Should you Take the Test

It is important that you speak with an attorney prior to taking any type of test to determine your ability to drive.

The officer may place you under arrest and you may be taken to jail if you refuse to take the tests.  

Knowing your Rights

The arresting officer is required to notify you of your right to talk to an attorney, within a reasonable amount of time.

It is important that you speak with an attorney as soon as possible to help determine which course of action you should take to help with your situation.

What are the Consequences?

Receiving a DUI is a serious offense and may lead to time in jail, suspension of your license, probation and many other requirements or penalties.

We know that DUIs can be a life changing event but it is not the end of the world.  

There are many ways an experienced attorney can fight for you.

Kylin Landry
Kylin Landry
Gotten many tickets dropped or the charge reduced to a non moving violation. Yes it would be great if they all could be dropped but at the end of the day my insurance is still affordable. Anyone leaving bad reviews about the Merrill's not getting a charge totally dismissed did not listen or read well enough when entering the contact as they make it very clear that both are a possibility.
Doza m
Doza m
Took care of it just like Rick said he would. Will definitely use him again in the future if needed.
Bri Adams
Bri Adams
Rick Merrill was very responsive and easy to work with, handled my case perfectly and got me the result I was after. Definitely recommend him for any of your needs.
Roman Empire
Roman Empire
Kind and professional people. Will definitely be coming back!
Abraham Tewldeberham
Abraham Tewldeberham
I want to start off by saying they have helped my family out tremendously. Their professionalism, efficiency and outstanding communication skills made our case a whole lot easier to understand and deal with.
Sylvia Magnusson
Sylvia Magnusson
Very Nice team to work with. Professional and compassionate. Will definitely recommend to anyone in need.

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