Rick Merrill Retirement Calendar

Rick Merrill’s Retirement Calendar

Rick Merrill’s Retirement Calendar is keeping track of the months until Rick will retire. Reece and Logan will still be here to help you.

“I’ve got, I got nine Fridays left. I’m going to start working four days a week. Anyway it’s (my Retirement Calendar) right up on my wall, I can see it right over there. I check off the months.

So you know, as much as I think I’m going to leave on a certain date. I’m going to go home and get my yard to scream and yell and say oh hooray! You know, I suspect that I’ll probably be hanging around for a while.

You know. Just to help out. They know they can call me anytime they want to, if they need help. I’ll come in and work. Sometimes you get in the bind,  you have to be in more than one Court at a time, you know. I told Reece, no problem I’ll come in and take care of that for you.”

Rick Merrill’s Retirement Calendar

Even though Rick is planning his retirement, we will still be here at Merrill Law to continue to help you.

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