Being Prepared For Driving Conditions

Prepared? Time to Take Stock

The weather change is always a good time to take stock and prepare for what if…

Having been stranded a time or two, I know how important it is to keep emergency supplies in the vehicle.  A flashlight, a flare or a blinking light, a tool kit, rain gear, blanket, snacks, and water can go a long way to making a difficult situation so much better.  

Flat Tire, Need an Iron…

Speaking from experience, it is wise to check that your tire iron is the correct size for all of the lug nuts on your vehicle. Occasionally they are not all the same size.

Scout It Out…

Don’t be overwhelmed by extensive lists.  You may already have items in your home that can be used to create an emergency kit in your home and in your vehicle.  As time goes by continue to add different pieces to your collection.  Assemble as much as you can  in a storage tub or tote bag that is easily accessible in the event of an emergency.

Here are some basic supplies that would help you get through an outage lasting three to five days:   

Three- to five-day supply of non-perishable food that needs little or no cooking
Blankets and pillows
Portable, battery-powered radio and clock
Extra batteries
Manual can opener, bottle opener, and utility knife
First-aid kit
Bottled water (minimum two quarts per person per day but preferably one gallon per person per day)
Matches in a waterproof container or a lighter
Cooler (and keep ice or ice packs ready in your freezer)
Personal hygiene, sanitary supplies
Cash (ATM’s and banks may not be available)
Pet supplies for three to five days
Playing cards, games, and books for entertainment
Prescription medications
Phone charger for a car

Out in the Cold…

For your safety keep the barbecue and the generators outside.   In the event of an outage, dress in layers to keep warm, gather in a central room in your home to conserve heat and resources.  Keep the doors closed to the fridge to keep the temperature cool inside.

Don’t Forget the Fun….

 We keep a supply of glow sticks, battery operated games, board games, books, arts and crafts to create by lantern light.  A metal teapot to boil water for hot Cocoa and Marshmallows for roasting on the grill.   

At Your Fingertips… 

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