Girl Scout Cookies 2021

Cookies for the Future

Each year the sales of Girl Scout cookies provide funds for great learning adventures, and other opportunities for girls.  

These Girl Scouts are learning a variety of valuable life skills while they are planning, setting up their sales pages, contacting the customers, delivering and reporting their sales of these delightful morsels.

The Girls Scouts did a terrific job of adjusting to sales with Covid restrictions.

Fun and Goals 

This year our girls came from Troops located in Arlington, Granite Falls, Edmonds, Everett, Maltby and Mill Creek.

We asked what their Favorite Girl Scout activities were and their answers included:

The Mountain Shadows camp, which is a two night trip with sing-alongs, crafts and sports. Going on field trips to the pumpkin patch, zoo and the fire station. Earning badges. Designing and sketching outfits, making ice cream, canoeing, animal tracking and other things like that. 

But at the heart of the matter, these Girl Scouts loved Camp, Camping, Camping! And more Camping!!

Our Girl Scouts Fundraising goals for this year.

  • Troop is raising money to do a camping experience together, pending Covid restrictions. 
  • Raising money to donate to an in-between shelter for kids removed from dangerous domestic situations.
  • I hope to sell 200 boxes this year.
  • Disneyland.
  • To raise money for the community.
  • We are raising money to help Cocoon House.
  • Our troop wants to help local animal shelters and go on a troop horseback riding trip.
  • Fundraising for camping and community service projects!
  • My goal is to earn money for helping animals, like the girl scout horses. And also money for camping trips. I am trying to sell 350 boxes of cookies.
  • Projects on saving the environment.,
  • Saving our money for a big trip in a couple of years.
  • My troop is going on their first trip to Disneyland.  
  • We are also sending cookies to the troops overseas.

We are happy to help these Girl Scouts meet their goals and pursue their dreams.

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