2021 Winners Attorney Rick Merrill Scholarship

The Attorney Rick Merrill Dream Scholarship

The Dream Scholarship was started in 2016 to help support the dreams of a current high school or college student looking to make a difference through the pursuit of their passion.

Applicants were asked to submit a picture with a caption that in combination shares their dream and shows how it makes a difference.

Each year we present a $1500 scholarship to applicant who provides the most creative photo or image with a caption to  explain their dream.

This year we are excited to announce that we have a multitude of winners to share with you. You will want to check back each week of July to share in more of the Dreams that were selected for an assortment of scholarships.

Congratulations to our First Place Winners.

Colton Dunc Dreams of being a Financial Planner.

Colton Dunc

A dream starts with a moment that lights a spark in your soul to accomplish something great. For me, that fire was lit when I stepped onto the baseball field. Baseball has been a staple in my childhood and has taught me a lot of very important things. It has taught me the power of teamwork, commitment, and persistence. My parents, teammates, and coaches have always held me to a high standard and have encouraged and pushed me to achieve great things on and off the field. As I look to my future, my dream is to attend college, get a bachelor’s degree in Financial Markets, start a family, and pass the lessons I have learned throughout my life onto my kids. I still have a long way to go before I achieve this dream, but the hard work that I have put into my academics thus far through Running Start, and committing to WSU, are necessary steppingstones on the path to achieving my dream. My ultimate goal in life is to inspire and help people in the same way that my family and peers have helped me.

Dylan Scanes Dreams of being a Dentist.

Dylan Scanes

In the first grade we had a writing assignment about what we would like to do when we grow up. My answer has been and will always be – a dentist!
I have a passion for medicine, people, engineering, technology and research, what better career than dentistry! Dentistry requires a mastery of science and technical skill, as well as the ability to think creatively. You’re not just limited to fixing teeth and filling cavities. You’re working with people so that they develop a positive mindset about their dental health.
One of the most rewarding aspects of dentistry by far, is the part we play in a person’s makeover. The confidence they walk out with, especially if they’ve been hiding their teeth for years, is a fantastic feeling. I work for two dental clinics as a dental assistant and as a receptionist. On the weekends I volunteer at a clinic to help the most vulnerable and I love going into classrooms and teaching great dental hygiene practices.
I am honored to say that I will be attending the University of Utah School of Dentistry this fall. This scholarship would mean the world to me.

Congratulations to our 2nd place Winner.

Maria Dailey Dreams of working in Human Service.

Maria Dailey

When I was a young child my dreams were affected by how I felt others saw me.   I look back now and realize I let people have too much power over my dreams. But the great thing about dreams is that they grow with you. I am inspired by my parents who taught me that, in order to make your dreams come true, you have to work for them. My parents heard God’s call to adopt me and my life was changed. I was given the opportunity to make my dreams come true.

My dream today may seem odd, but for me this dream is everything. I want to empower others to reach their own goals.  I was encouraged to participate in athletics despite my fear. Now athletics is giving me the opportunity to complete a degree in Human Services. I want to help people because I was helped. Many people are left behind because they never received the help they needed to reach their goals. Helping others allows all of us to become stronger and grow in character. There are so many people in this world who are forgotten like I was. I want to give them a chance. 

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