2021 Third Place Scholarship Winners

The Attorney Rick Merrill Dream Scholarship

The Dream Scholarship was started in 2016 to help support the dreams of a current high school or college student looking to make a difference through the pursuit of their passion.

Applicants were asked to submit a picture with a caption that in combination shares their dream and shows how it makes a difference.

Each year we present a $1500 scholarship to applicant who provides the most creative photo or image with a caption to  explain their dream.

This year we are excited to announce that we have a multitude of winners to share with you. You will want to check back each week of July to share in more of the Dreams that were selected for an assortment of scholarships.

Congratulations to our Third Place Winners.

Faith Murray Public relations, non-profit work, or environmental science.

Faith Murray

I was born with a rare inflammatory disease that often moves me to a wheelchair to get around the house because of intense pain. I remember speaking to an elementary school counselor about an idea I had for an anti-bullying campaign at our school- when she told me, “how about we focus on something small”. I wanted to work on BIG things! At that point, I decided that kids could do big things on their own. I started finding opportunities to serve my community, started speaking in classrooms about community service, made my birthdays service oriented and even started my own youth service group.

Then the pandemic hit and many people said their serving days were over…but I knew it was a perfect chance to continue making a difference! Since then I’ve raised funds to build libraries in Africa, plant trees in Madagascar, clean our waterways, collect food and clothing for those in need and spoken on the radio and tv about overcoming challenges.

My dream is to inspire people to take action, never taking “no” (you’re too young, sick, or inexperienced to succeed) for an answer and truly believing that dreams can become a reality with love.

Jacob Kesling choir director at the high school or community college level.

Jacob Kesling

The picture I submitted is me in seventh grade singing a solo at an annual combined choir concert for all the schools in my district. It was my first interaction with the Curtis HS choir director, Mr. Dickerson, who inspired me to become a choir director. 

       Once I attended high school, we developed a strong bond similar to my middle school choir director. I made friends, set goals, and met accomplishments. I feel proud of my progress in singing and being a better person. I learned to be a leader in these classes and to motivate my peers. I encouraged people to work hard in choir by showing them how beautiful it can be to put our minds together. I’m very grateful for the home that choir has given me. I can’t imagine living my life without it.

Joelle Stever Nurse

Joelle Stever

Change of Plans After a successful freshman year in which I achieved my first High School Varsity letter. I suffered a devastating knee injury, a torn ACL Ligament and Meniscus while playing the sport I loved. I knew my playing days were over, this hurdle has provided me the strength and determination to achieve my goals, no matter what I have to overcome. After having two knee surgeries it has helped me find my direction for college, I knew I wanted to help people. My ultimate goal is to work in the nursing field serving the people that are in need of a hand to overcome their hurdles.

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