Merrill Law Beats the Heat

Rick Merrill Law Beats the Heat this Summer

You might enjoy this interview that Rick had with KRKO and KXA announcer Tim Hunter following the Beats the Heat event.

RIck Merrill Beats the Heat interview on KRKO
Rick Merrill and Tim Hunter KRKO/ KXA

It is official!!! Free Iced Drinks on June 26th 2021 at Diedrich Espresso Stands in Snohomish County for 90 minutes… Starting at 4:00 PM.

It is official, the AquaSox Temperature as measured at Paine Field, Reached 90 degrees as of 12:35 pm.

Watch for the Everett AquaSox Official Temperature to rise!

The first time the temperature reaches 90 degrees, on the following day at 4pm Rick Merrill Law will pay for iced drinks for 90 minutes at all Diedrich Espresso Stands in Snohomish County!

Watch our Website, Everett AquaSox, MyEverettNews and listen in to KXA and KRKO Radio Station for the Sizzling announcements declaring the Rick Merrill Law Beats the Heat 90 minutes of iced drinks is a go. 

You will want to be looking for your favorite Diedrich Espresso stands, so you too can Beat the Heat with Rick Merrill Law.

When you need to Beat the Heat, think Rick Merrill Law.

Photo by Aurora Martinez

Video by Holly Ramsey

Image from AquaSox

Sound Bite from: KXA 1520 AM Classic Country Radio