Your License When You Get a DUI

Your License When You Get a DUI

Your license when you get a DUI is often a big concern for people.

  • One is the Criminal side of the DUI that is addressed by the presiding Court.
  • The other is the Administrative Hearing by the Department of Licensing.

The arresting officer will file the DUI report as required to address these two legal steps.

How Long is my License Good For?

The suspension of your driver’s license will begin 30 days from the date of your DUI arrest.   

Department of Licensing Administrative Hearing

You have 7 days, from the date of the arrest, to request a hearing with the Department of Licensing to contest the suspension.

This hearing will be held by telephone and the results will be mailed to you.

What will the Department of Licensing Consider?

During your Department of License Administrative hearing the examiner will consider several details.

  • Were you under lawful arrest.
  • Did the officer have reasonable grounds to believe you had been driving or were in physical control of a motor vehicle in the state of Washington while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or any drug,
  • Were you advised of your rights and warnings.
  • Did you refuse to submit to a test, or if you did take the test.
  • Did the test indicate an alcohol concentration of 0.08 or more if you were 21 or over or 0.02 if you were under the age of 21.

What to Expect if We Handle the Hearing for you.

When you hire Merrill Law for your DUI, the Attorney will handle the Department of Licensing telephone hearing for you. When the examiner makes a decision, the results of the hearing will be mailed to you.

What to Expect If You Handle the Hearing Yourself.

The telephone hearing examiner will advise you that the testimony will be recorded and that all the testimony provided during the hearing is under oath.

The examiner will review the issues to be decided, and identify the exhibits.  Exhibits may include the police report and breathalyzer report.

This is the opportunity to object to the admission of evidence or testimony.  If an objection is made, the examiner will determine if it is appropriate to admit the evidence or testimony.  

All the witnesses will be sworn in and the examiner will listen to their testimony.  At this point you have the opportunity to testify, present evidence, cross-examine any of the state’s witnesses or you may bring your own witnesses to the hearing.  

The hearing examiner will adjourn the hearing.  

The examiner will review all of the submitted evidence. Then they will make a decision regarding the suspension of your license.  

The review process may take the hearing examiner up to 6 weeks from the date of the hearing.  

A temporary license will be extended for you that will be valid until the hearing examiner makes the final decision.  

The examiner will mail a letter to the address that you have on record to notify you of the decision.

If You Do Not Request an Administrative Hearing.

Your license will only be valid for 30 days from the date of the DUI arrest.  Your license will be suspended for 90 days or more.

We know that this can be a life changing event but it isn’t the end of the world.  

There are many ways an experienced attorney can fight for you.

Kylin Landry
Kylin Landry
Gotten many tickets dropped or the charge reduced to a non moving violation. Yes it would be great if they all could be dropped but at the end of the day my insurance is still affordable. Anyone leaving bad reviews about the Merrill's not getting a charge totally dismissed did not listen or read well enough when entering the contact as they make it very clear that both are a possibility.
Doza m
Doza m
Took care of it just like Rick said he would. Will definitely use him again in the future if needed.
Bri Adams
Bri Adams
Rick Merrill was very responsive and easy to work with, handled my case perfectly and got me the result I was after. Definitely recommend him for any of your needs.
Roman Empire
Roman Empire
Kind and professional people. Will definitely be coming back!
Abraham Tewldeberham
Abraham Tewldeberham
I want to start off by saying they have helped my family out tremendously. Their professionalism, efficiency and outstanding communication skills made our case a whole lot easier to understand and deal with.
Sylvia Magnusson
Sylvia Magnusson
Very Nice team to work with. Professional and compassionate. Will definitely recommend to anyone in need.

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