What is a SCRAM Bracelet

What is a SCRAM Bracelet?

The Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor (SCRAM ankle bracelet) is a device used by the Courts and probation officers in Washington State to determine if an individual has been drinking alcohol. 

The SCRAM is permanently affixed to a person’s lower leg, above their ankle.

Why is a SCRAM Bracelet Required?

A SCRAM bracelet may be required as a condition of release at the DUI arraignment for defendants who have prior DUI offenses, or if the blood/breath alcohol content was high at the time of the arrest.  

If the SCRAM bracelet is ordered, as a condition of your release, you will be required to wear the bracelet until the conclusion of your DUI case.

How does the SCRAM Bracelet Work?

It measures the ethanol vapor in your perspiration through a process called transdermal alcohol testing.  

Perspiration will contain a certain level of ethanol that is detectable regardless if you have visible sweat. 


  • The bracelet tests automatically every 30 minutes.
  • It stores all data that is collected until it is downloaded to the base station.  
  • During the scheduled download, you are required to be within 30 feet of the base station.
  • The results are transmitted to your assigned agent by a telephone line or a wireless router. 


  • The SCRAM bracelet has the ability to detect tampering, obstruction or damage to the device.
  • It cannot be submerged in water, baths or swimming is not permitted. 
  • Showering with alcohol free soap and water is permitted.  
  • The area will need to be dried completely to avoid skin irritations.  

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