The Winners of the Rick Merrill Attorney Dream Scholarship

The Attorney Rick Merrill Dream Scholarship was started in 2016 to help support the dreams of a current high school or college student looking to make a difference through the pursuit of their passion.

The Attorney Rick Merrill Dream Scholarship exists to support the dreams of a current high school or college student looking to make a difference through the pursuit of their passion.  

Applicants were asked to submit a picture with a caption that in combination shares their dream and shows how it makes a difference.

Each year we present a $1500 scholarship to applicant who provides the most creative photo or image with a caption to  explain their dream.

2019 Winners

My name is Jack Gardner, and my dream is to write children’s books that inspire kids to think differently about the world, to let their imaginations fly beyond where our “grownup” minds can take us.   I realized that I had the ability to incite this feeling in other people through my writing.

When I was 12 years old my teacher gave us an assignment to write and illustrate a picture book to be presented in class. I entitled mine The Biggelow. 

I’m currently a student at EVCC in the running start program. I’m excited to take English and Literature classes that will help me a better writer. 

Runner Up Winners

Isabel Hulme: Dentist

We are ecstatic to support our Runner up winner Isabel Hulme with her dream of becoming a Dentist!

My dream is to have a pediatric dental practice kids will love coming to. I want to create positive dental experiences, so as they grow up they aren’t afraid to see a dentist.

Natalie Grimm: Nurse

We are ecstatic to support our Runner up winner Natalie Grimm with her dream of becoming a  Nurse!

That nurse who advocated. That nurse who went the extra mile. I met that nurse in the Swedish ICU. I strive to be that nurse. With every exam, lecture, paper, and clinical experience I move closer to my dream.

Alexa Kazen: Speech Pathologist

We are ecstatic to support our Runner up winner Alexa Kazen with her  dream of becoming a Speech Pathologist!

My dream of becoming a speech pathologist is important to me because I see the chance to make a difference in children’s confidence and communication skills. I look forward to being a part of children’s lives as they learn to communicate more clearly and easily!

McKenzie Allinson: Physician

We are ecstatic to support our Runner up winner MacKenzie Allinson with her  dream of becoming a Physician!

I’ve always been interested in how the human body works. It is my goal to become a physician who treats others with respect and assists in providing effective treatment that improves people’s lives.    

2018 Winners

Casey Benson: Geneticist

We are ecstatic to support Casey Benson with her dream-Geneticist

Seeing people, like one of these children, suffer every day from disease inspires me to become a geneticist. Genetics has the potential to positively affect the quality of life in our society . This dream is important to me, because of the potential to cure diseases and perhaps destructive habits and addictions.  I am working to change the lives of all people through advancements in genetics.

June Chang: Psychology & Economics

We are ecstatic to support June Chang with her dream- Psychology and Economics

This statue shows a grandchild with his grandfather sitting on a bench, expressing feelings of love and familial bond represents what many are hoping for: love, acceptance, healing, and strength in times of adversity.

I want to help others discover their capabilities and potential. I hope to open my own private practice, find ways to end the marginalization of mental illnesses, better an individual’s life, and encourage resources that help those in need.

Runner up winners

Hannah Hitterdal: Criminal Justice & Sociology

We are ecstatic to support Hannah Hitterdal with her dream-Criminal Justice and Sociology

I have a passion to change the correctional facilities to help inmates. I believe that giving the inmates an education, a highschool diploma or a higher education degree, is an effective way of setting them up on the right foot. Animal Therapy has been proven to be one of the most effective ways of rehabilitating inmates.  They train animals for many purposes and give them back to the community they hurt.  

Nora Dennelly: Harpist

We are ecstatic to support Nora Dennelly with her dream- Harpist

I am pursuing my dream not only because it is what I love.  I plan to attend Western Washington University in the Fall of 2018 where I will study under Jill Whitman and major in Music Performance on the harp.

Corrine Booth: Choir Teacher

We are ecstatic to support Corrine Booth with her dream- Choir Teacher

My dream is to go to college for the music education program to be a choir director. 

Nursing homes have always had a special place in my heart so at the end of every month, we go sing for them. Nothing makes me smile more than when an elder grabs my hand after performing and tells me how thankful they are.  Using my talents to brighten someone’s day brings me so much joy.

Ruth Culbertson: Music Teacher

We are ecstatic to support Ruth Culbertson with her dream- Music Teacher

My dream after college is to become a music teacher. I have a passion for music as well as for working with youth. Working with kids can be very rewarding and provides many fun moments that shape students’ lives in a positive and exciting way! This is just one of many examples.

Emma Raker: Music Teacher

We are ecstatic to support Emma Raker with her dream- Music Teacher

Dreams do come true and I cannot wait for those dreams to happen. As a Music Teacher, I want to make a lasting impact in my future student’s lives. I hope to inspire them to make the world a better place, while educating them on musicianship and the values that I have been taught through my music teachers

My ultimate goal is to take a group of students to play at Carnegie Hall, just as I had the opportunity to because playing there greatly fostered my passion of music. 

Kayla Sprague: Computer Science

We are ecstatic to support Kayla Sprague with her dream- Computer Science and Software Engineering

I stared at my dad’s computer monitor, an unplugged computer keyboard in my reach. From toddler to adulthood, video games have given me the opportunity to be an adventurer fueled by curiosity and the desire to learn.  I have embarked on my path with an insatiable fascination with machine learning, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality to motivate me.

If videogames have taught me anything, it is that where there is a will, there is a way.  I am fortunate enough to have learned that in a high chair.

2017 Winners

Megan LaVelle: Photographer

2017 Winner Megan LaVelle- Photographer

My dream is to be a photographer who travels the world. I have loved photography and traveling since I was a little kid. I have been accepted to Western Washington University to study photography, environmental studies, and cultural studies so that I can better be prepared for opportunities that will allow me to travel. I want to take photos that will make people want to change things in the world 

Our Runner-Up Winners

Joshua Allinson: Musical Theater

Joshua Allinson Dream- Musical Theater

Heels Can Be Dangerous! As a performer I hope to bring joy and entertainment into the lives of others. I feel that I can improve the lives of others through my life as a singer and theatrical artist. 

Loryn Casey: Anesthesiologist

Loryn Casey Dream-Anesthesiologist

My dream is important to me because, If people do not feel comfortable in a medical environment, they will not seek care, which could have devastating consequences.  I want to be like my anesthesiologist; not remembered for my name, but instead for how I made the patients feel when they were vulnerable. 

Sarah DeYoung: Genetics

Sarah DeYoung Dream- Genetics

In my hands, I hold my future, the link to get me the internships that will lead me into a genetics company. I wish to help improve the future of this species.  Feed the animal, and help feed the people. The time is now to start the change that will take a lifetime to grow.

First game of the Marysville YMCA Miracle Basketball League.

Kristen Nehring: Pediatric Nurse

Kristen Nehring Dream- Pediatric Nurse for children with disabilities and special needs. 

With a nursing degree, I have the ability to work in so many different specialties involving children who have special needs.  I can continue to have a great influence in the lives of these children who are often marginalized by society.

2016 Winners

We are pleased to announce the inaugural Attorney Rick Merrill Dream Scholarship Winner

Krista Calender: Teacher

Krista Calender who dreams of becoming a teacher after she attends WWU.

“A Dream in the Balance” This photo represents my dream in each little detail.

The textbooks are an example of her education as a Running Start Student.

The apple is a reminder to look after her health and well being.

The identification tag shows that she is working to support her education.

The application is to Woodring College of Education at Western Washington University.

The poster is evidence of her current volunteer work in a 5th grade classroom.

When it comes to teaching, there is no doubt in my mind that I was born to be an educator. It is my goal to inspire kindness, hope, and confidence in kids as their teacher.

2016 Runner up winners

Cassandra Pellet who dreams of becoming a wildlife rehabilitator in Eastern Africa
Jackson Hogan who dreams of becoming a broadcast journalist
Lauren Serl who dreams of becoming a psychologist, helping others find bliss in their lives:
Dylan Scanes who dreams of working as an orthodontist to help children be proud of their smiles

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