Tips For Driving in the Snow

Let it Snow

Snow in the Forecast

Although those words are such good news for skiers…they are not always the best news for drivers. Don’t worry we have got you covered with some tips to make your trip with less slip sliding away.

On the Skids

If you should wake up to a winter wonderland here are some of the things that you should know.

Prepare your Rig

With emergency supplies, warm blanket, water, snacks, some traction sand, a full tank of gas, a charger for your phone, etc.  You can find more extensive lists from the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Traction is the name of the game

Without proper traction we lose control. So a set of tire chains, traction tires, or tire socks if your vehicle has low clearance.  Check here for specific details on traction notices from the Department of Transportation.

Be Sure To

  • Leave early, so that you do not need to rush.  
  • Leave a larger following distance
  • Give your brakes a break…Slamming on your brakes can cause you to lose what little traction your car has in snow and ice.  Instead try to anticipate times when you will need to stop and begin to slow down early, downshift gently, apply the brake with a feather like approach.
  • Do not pull out in front of oncoming traffic as they may not be able to stop.

Check for Road Closures

You will want check to see if there are any Road Closures in place.  While they try to keep closures up to date there may be emergency closures.

When in Doubt Stay Put

If for some reason you feel that the road conditions are simply too dangerous, stay safe and sound where you are.

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