After You Hire Merrill Law for a Traffic Ticket

What happens after you hire Merrill Law for representation for a traffic ticket?

After You hire means that you have completed the client agreement form and provided payment. Our legal team members will process the proper paperwork to fight your ticket.

We will notify the court in writing that Merrill Law is representing you, and we will request the Discovery.

The Discovery are documents that include the sworn reports from the arresting officer. The Attorney will review and build a defense for your specific case.

Setting a Court Date

When the court receives our notice of appearance, the court clerks will assign a court date. We watch your case closely for this date to be set. It will then be added to our calendar for the attorney to appear on your behalf.

The court has 120 days to hold a hearing for the traffic infraction.

Sometimes the courts will send you a notice of the hearing date. You are not required to attend or fill out the statement. We will address your infraction at the court hearing. You do not need to miss any of your own obligations.

Sometimes an infraction will have more than one hearing date for a variety of reasons. We will address this infraction for you until it has been resolved.

The day of your hearing

It is not necessary for you to attend the court date. We will address your traffic infraction at the time of the hearing. When you completed the client agreement form, you authorized Merrill Law to act on your behalf at the court hearing.

What happens next?

We will monitor your file for the court clerks to complete the updates in the court docket regarding your case.

This is a very important step as the Docket Entry directly affects your driving record. We want to make sure that this has been correctly entered to reflect the decisions that were made at Court.

Once the docket has been updated and the outcome is verified by the attorney. We will notify you by mail of the outcome of your case. This process normally takes several days to a week.

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There are many ways an experienced traffic attorney can fight your ticket for you.

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