2014 Educator of the Month Winners

October 2014 Educator of the Month Kim Hanegan of Skyline Elementary School

2014 Educator of the Month Winners

The Law Offices of Rick H. Merrill has been a part of the Snohomish County community since 1994.  It is important to Rick to support our neighbors, local businesses and schools.  

Over the summer Rick had decided that he wanted to reward our local educators for the hard work and dedication that they give to our local students and communities.  Rick partnered up with local radio station KXA 1520 am and the Everett Silvertips to sponsor a local educator each month.  

October 2014 Educator of the Month Kim Hanegan of Skyline Elementary School

Kim is an outstanding para-educator who supports Kindergartners and English Language Learners in both classroom and small group situations.  

In my 21 years of teaching, I have never seen a more creative, caring person who can build learning through games and other fun approaches.  She assesses student needs and gives intentional instruction for specific skills. Kim has a fabulous rapport with students, teachers and administrators.  Students just love her and are constantly asking me if it is their turn with Mrs. Hanegan. She has given seminars in the past to train other district Paraeducators on her techniques.  

Our school has a population with unique challenges and Kim embraces them.  No one is more beloved and deserving to be recognized as “Teacher of the Month” than Kim Hanegan.

Nominated by Bill Kusler

December 2014 Educator of the Month Jim Strickland of Marysville Pilchuck High School

December 2014 Educator of the Month Jim Strickland of Marysville Pilchuck High School

From the day I started attending Pilchuck in my Junior year, Mr.Strickland was a sort of crutch for me to lean on. He teaches the Special Ed students of Pilchuck, and out of all the Special Ed teachers I’ve had, he’s been the kindest and most patient. For everything I have a hard time understanding, he’s been able to explain it simply, and in a way that I can understand and follow, and without making me feel stupid. 

I think the most impacting thing he did for me…was when a group of girls started to harass me in PE. When I was scared to tears and didn’t know who to run to, I went to him and he took a minute away from his class to help me calm down and get my mom to pick me up.

When I considered running away, he talked with me about it, and instead of criticizing me for it, he suggested I go to a teen support home for a little while so I would still be safe while letting my mom and I have some time apart. When I had trouble in my other classes, he’d try to help me understand.  When I told him I wanted to publish a novel, he excitedly supported me every step of the way. Whenever I had a hard time in school, whether it be education or people, or just my emotions overwhelming me, he was always the one I thought of first, and always the one who was most willing to help me.

A lot of his students have problems communicating with others, and he knows that even non special education students do too, and so he started an Open Mic club at the school, to help students at Pilchuck express themselves and share their interests.

I can honestly say I would not have made it through high school without him. My only wish is that I had him as a teacher at all my other schools. 

Nominated by a student.  

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