To Shred or Not To Shred?

The Answer Is Shred…

Plan To Attend Our FREE Shred and Food Drive Event in January of 2023. Dates will be published well in advance.


That’s right, there is no cost to bring your documents to The Law Office Of Rick H. Merrill where office employees will be onsite to help you carry boxes.

Documents will be destroyed by Proshred, a professional document destruction service with a mobile shredding unit.

You can watch your documents be shredded right before your eyes!

Last year ProShred happily shred several tons of documents at our event.  The truck does not accept CD’s or Paper Clamps.

A very special thank you to the guys from ProShred for jumping in to help make the event run smoothly and even helping to carry in the Food Donations at the end.

Donate Non- Perishable Food Items…

While sorting through documents and clearing out the house grab any non-perishable goods you may want to donate to help us support our local food banks.

Each year we have been blessed by your generosity to deliver a carload of food and cash donations to the Snohomish County Food Bank to help those in need. 

We look forward to another amazing Event in January 2023

2022 Shred Event is Finished

Thank you to everyone who made this years Shred Event and Food Drive a Success. We were able to fill the truck completely this year.

The truck was late to arrive, but all of the boxes and bags that were dropped of were shred as soon as the truck arrived.

We are happy to say that we filled a mini van with about 500 pounds of food donations. We also collected $300 dollars that were donated to the food bank.

Join Us for the Event Next Year