Holly Ramsey

I have enjoyed working as an assistant to Rick Merrill since 2009. He treats the office staff with the same dedication to truth, kindness and fairness that he gives to others in his life. I appreciate the way that Rick approaches the day to day needs of his clients with honesty and integrity.

I am dedicated to assisting clients with their cases on a daily basis by answering calls, fielding questions, sending documents to the court, caring for Rick’s court calendar and scheduling, working with court clerks, and addressing many of the overall needs of the office .

By helping to move cases from the beginning of the process, to their outcome I free Rick to focus on doing the very best that he can for each client when he goes to fight for them in court.

I am thankful to be a part of The Law Office of Rick H. Merrill and make an impact on the lives of people who become our clients.

(425) 259 4972